Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fingerless Gloves with sock yarn

On Christmas time I visited my daughter Gabriela and her husband Ernesto and the baby girl who will be my FIRST GRANDAUGHTER!!!

I bought a lot of yarn in Joanns, maybe too many but I have so many projects in mind for the baby.

I got a nice sock wool, called Sensations and I started a sock as a Christmas gift for me on my fine gauge mini wonderloom from Dalooms and it was coming along pretty well until I realized I never show off socks (not any more jejeje) and I switched it to be a fingerless glove. I just loved the result!!


Isela said...

It looks great!

Rosario said...

Hi my name is Rosario. I was saw one of your videos on youtube and notice your blog page. I decided I will like to follow to learn from you the wonderful world of looming and crocheting. I started my first crocheting project today. I am waiting for my mother to send me her loom to start using it. We live here in California. In the Bay area. I speak Spanish too. So if you feel more comfortable writting to me in Spanish is fine with me. Glad to have met you online.

guppygirl said...

I keep promising myself some of these and have yet to get around to them. Lovely work Maria :)