Saturday, May 3, 2008


My grandnephew is born. It feels as my own grandson. My niece has been always so close to me that Emiliano will call me 'abuelita' also. My sister is sharing him with me and I feel so happy.

My world has totally changed. I am hooked on him. Fall in love instantly!!! I don't know how I lived without him until now.

He is proudly wearing his blanket which was made for him especially. Thinking of him.


Robin McCoy said...

Emiliano is so perfect! Absolutely adorable! He gets the most adorable baby boy of 2008 award! YAY! And he is so lucky and special to have his 'Abuelita Maria'! I love him......:D (((ABRAZOS)))

Sorka said...

Oh he is beautiful! Oh oh! I get to have grandchildren some time!! Ohhhh!!! And I am so see the pinwheel blanket you made wrapping him in your love!!

Oh oh oh!!


guppygirl said...

What a beautiful baby :) I just want to kiss him! Congratulations Maria and family!


Anonymous said...

Maria, he is too cute, Congratulations to you and your family.


Anonymous said...


eu falo do Brasil, amei seu site e suas idéias, obrigada!! seu netinho é muito lindo. beijos


Akemi said...

hello Maria…
My name is Adriana, first i wanna told you congratulations for that beauty baby. I live in Mexico and i waching your videos and reading your post, and i'm very enchated for every has mede....Congratulations

crystalice said...

He is so precious! Awww!