Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pinwheel Baby Blanket fourth version

I loomed this fourth version of Denise Layman pinwheel blanket matching the colors of the booties I loomed for the first grandnephew who is coming to the family. He was supposed to be born on April 19th, my birthday, but he did not, so we are everybody waiting anxiously for him. He is healthy according to the doctor, he is just not decided to come out to the world yet. He is planned to be born in a bathtub full of water, so the trauma of birth does not affect him. His name will be Emiliano.


Crystal said...

You've made so many beautiful pinwheel blankets, Maria! :-) And on a side note, my son was born in water--in the bathtub where we lived at the time--and he's the happiest, most alert baby the family ever knew. Hope you're all cuddling little Emiliano soon!

cre8tivkj said...

Just beautiful! I am sure your grand nephew will just love it! My sister-in-law had her last baby at home in a kiddy swimming pool, no pain meds, nothing. She loved the experience.

mommajean13 said...

Congratulation a new baby wow, now you get to make him alot of cute outfits. lol
Hugs to new baby for me hun.
Take care, WandaJean