Monday, January 14, 2008

My holidays

On December 26th I traveled to Simi Valley to visit my daughter and we had such a great time! We went to visit the Getty Museum which is beautiful and has so many pieces of art. I was impressed with all the paintings, especially one by Van Gogh. I took pictures of it and I took pictures of my daughter, my son in law and my nephew, who came from France

My daughter Gabriela outside the Getty Museum. Notice her Magic Scarf loomed by mom.(that is me)

My nephew, Jean Sebastian and I. He came from France to visit

At night outside of Getty Museum. Notice the magic scarf which I loomed and Gabriela's fingerless gloves, which I also loomed.The scarf I was wearing, I bought it online and the gloves too I really liked them,but I lost one that day and my purpose starting this year is to learn to loom Karen's (creativity)gloves.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! I am glad you had a great time with your family. Love

Angelina said...

HI, ladies i would like to find this pattern please direct. i went to isela site and i was unable to view pattern or fing tip for finger knitting thank you in advance


I learned finger knitting on You Tube Videos. Finger knitted two stripes on three different colors and then braided them. Then loomed the two ends and voila, I loved this scarf. Thank you for visiting.