Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scarf swap

I am part of a scarf swap that is taking place between loom knitters. This is being organized by Bety Ann and I am going to loom knit a scarf for Kathy and Courtney is going to loom knit one for me. I am excited about it. I have to finish it up before September in order to send it my daughter with someone who travels to Simi Valley. I live in Mexico and cannot mail it from here because of customs, they might not let it enter and it could be lost. Then my daughter will mail it to Maine where Kathleen lives.

I already started and have nice ideas for it. Kathy likes it not too wide, 6 inches at the most. I will published it when I finish



Hi Maria,

It's Bety Antonio, I love the blog, your daughter and son in law are gorgeous. I love the puppies I've been wanting yorkies for a long time, but have a pekingnese I love to death.

I'll put you on my list of blog reads.


Thank you very much Bety Antonio. I am so glad you liked it. Yorkies are great, but I think when you love your pets, does not matter what is the breed is the love you give them and the love you receive from them, I also have two Belgium Shepperd and love them. And when Gabriela was a child we had a Pekines who lived with us for 18 years. I will send you some youtube videos for the competitions I had with my Campanita, the one who was lost.