Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This video is intended to explain a stitch for my Yahoo Tunsian Crochet Group. The stitch is called Pinitas in
Spanish and the translation in English is Small Pineapples because alltogether likes like it.

After the foundation row is done just usual then you start the stitch which is formed basically by two rows, the first row, and you start it inserting the hook in the first space found between the first loop and the second one and you draw a loop, then yarn over and insert back your hook in the same space so you get three loops from it which is counted as one loop, and you go on to the last space in the row where you do the same., then you return and start with the second row which you start on the space after the three loops, and keep going the same until you get to the end which you there is no space so the hook goes to the very end loop alone and insert the hook through the triangle formed there and you only draw one loop (not three), and your return is taking the yarn from that only one loop and then continue taking the yarn through one and three. Once you watch this video, I hope there are no doubts, but if there are, you can place your questions on the group.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Maria.
You have gone to a great effort to get this on the net for all of us to see.
I am from your Tunisian Group and have bee following the trouble you have gone to fro this.
You do explain it very well.
PS you have a very Gorgeous GrandDaughter.
And your English was fine.
Cheers, Cindy :o)