Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It has been quite a while since I posted some pictures of my projects and it is not that I have not
been looming, the thing is that I have not had the time to sit and post the pictures.

These are the schooner socks which were loomed on the April loom along in our Yahoo Group

I loomed them in my new WonderSock loom

It is wonderful working with this loom. At first I thought I would never accomplish it, but it is a great feeling when you finish your project. I wish now I would have two of this so to loom two at a time.



I also loomed some slippers and they are so comfortable. Here is a picture


guppygirl said...

Lovely socks, Maria! You are right, Gabriela will make a beautiful Mom someday. The slippers look nice and comfortable too. Have a great day!

Robin McCoy said...

Those slippers and socks just scream, "Maria's! Do not touch!" :D I love Gabriela....she is just so beautiful. I know by looking at her that she would be a very sweet and kind mother. But I think it mostly has to do with who her mother is. :D (((HUGS)))

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Lovely projects & nice job on both the socks and the blanket, Maria! Gabriela is so pretty holding that baby! She reminds me so much of you.

I love the border on the blanket. Is it crocheted?

vck.persist said...

Ladies, this is great info. Would you please suggest how to end the 2hr scarf? I tried and it looks nothing like the starting end. How do I do this? I thank you for your time. Please email me at
thank you,


Casting off the 2Hour Scarf

Used the regular cast off by putting peg 2 back on peg 1, knit off, then move that stitch to peg 2. Now take peg 3 to peg 2. Knit off, move the new stitch to peg 3. Continue this across the row, but,(and this part was very important)when at the last stitch, do not cut and pull tight.Leave a very long tail and go back on each crochet looking stitch and pull it bigger. When you have gone all the way across the row, look and see if it is loose enough to match the other end. If not, work more yarn into the stitches one stitch at a time. When this finally looks right THEN you go and tie off the last yarn tail. You need the extra long tail to be able to stretch the other stitches to match the other end and the long stitches in between. I didn't have to make a crochet cast off with extra stitches this way. It looks just like the other end and matches the stitch type exactly. Finger were used to stretch the stitches to pull in more yarn, lots for the first and then they pull it in as you go across. Keep working the yarn until you like the looks of it