Thursday, March 6, 2008

Isela's Cable cuff fingerless gloves-new stitch found

I enjoyed so much Isela's pattern that I loomknitted another pair but now fingerless instead of mitts. I did another cable at the top trying to do it as Karen's but I could not make it the same, still I like them

I think I found a new stitch. I have never seen it described and I really like it. I asked Isela about it and she agreed that it is new!!! How about that? I was doing the garter stitch, but instead of doing a purl in the second row I made a flat stitch and this is the result.

So here is the description: It is the same if it is in the round or a flat panel. The first row you e-wrap and the second row you do a u stitch/flat stitch and you continue like this.