Thursday, March 6, 2008

Isela's Cable cuff fingerless gloves-new stitch found

I enjoyed so much Isela's pattern that I loomknitted another pair but now fingerless instead of mitts. I did another cable at the top trying to do it as Karen's but I could not make it the same, still I like them

I think I found a new stitch. I have never seen it described and I really like it. I asked Isela about it and she agreed that it is new!!! How about that? I was doing the garter stitch, but instead of doing a purl in the second row I made a flat stitch and this is the result.

So here is the description: It is the same if it is in the round or a flat panel. The first row you e-wrap and the second row you do a u stitch/flat stitch and you continue like this.


jpirkle said...

Maria, I like that stitch. I will have to give it a try on something. You finished two pair? I'm only at the end of my first mitt. I made three and a half ice cream hats and one left to go. Someone saw me making them and wanted to for gifts. I did get distracted today with a snowstorm!! in Texas!! My DH teased me that he thought we moved from Michigan 25 years ago.We received 7 to 8 inches and 1 more yet to come overnight. See my blog at: to see a video and pictures.

Robin McCoy said...

Maria! I love that stitch pattern! What are you going to name it?

up all night loom knitting said...

Maria! How very pretty! Now you need to sit down and write out exactly how you did it :D

ines said...

maria vengo de raverly me ayudaron mucho tus guantes gracias.felicitaciones tu familia es muy linda