Monday, September 24, 2007

September Swap Scarf

These are pictures of the scarf I made for my partner Kathy Fellows in Maine. She has taste just like mine because I loved the combination of purple and green aqua. I loomed it in the Knitting board and used several stitches: e wrap, purl, dropped stitch and flat stitch.Put a slot so to close the scarf. I added the detailed of hand warmers at the end of the scarf just by folding the ends and added some Mexican ornaments. I liked it so much, that I am going to loom one for me.


Beth&Leo said...

Lovwe this scarf. Especially the little pockets at the end. I may try this on a bit larger scale.


michelle said...

I just am in LOVE with this scarf!!! The hand warmers are just ingenious, especially for kids!!! If you would like to share the pattern or if you offer it for sale please let me know!!! Michelle


Beth and Michelle,

Thank you for your comments on this scarf. I did love it very much, and I will post the pattern for this scarf, of course. If it is for kids, I would not recommend the beaded details I added, but the hand warmers are great also for grown ups.